Thursday, December 01, 2005

Firefox 1.5 does not install

Sigh... Does everybody has problems like me with software? I stumble across, say, 10 or 20 software bugs each day.
Now, it was the new Firefox installation. It simply didn't start. It fails silently, and so fast that it doesn't even appear on task manager.
Reinstalling the old Firefox 1.0.7 brought it back to life, but I wanted the new Firefox so badly (although I don't know why :) )
Finally, I found a good soul, James Ross, that managed to solve the problem:

To fix any build in this situation, do this:
1. Make sure you're logged in with full permissions on the install folder.
2. Delete all components\*.xpt files EXCEPT browser.xpt.
3. Delete compreg.dat.
4. Make sure .autoreg exists in the firefox.exe folder.
5. Start Firefox.

Now, the problem is relatively simple - the components directory has the
contents of a non-static Firefox build [1] in it. I don't know for sure if ever released such a build, but I'm willing to bet most other
builds are non-static (all builds were this by default until very recently).

Interestingly, though, all the XPTs are dated 9th Nov 2004, which *is* when
Firefox 1.0 was originally released.

So, I have a question for everyone with this problem: did you ever install a
version that was not an official release?

[1] In a static build, all the XPT files are bunched in to one (browser.xpt),
rather than having lots of little ones with different names.

Answering his question, I installed MOOX optimized builds in the past. It seems that MOOX managed to corrupt something.

You could use this free tool, which should fix many problem you have with firefox ;-)
Hi Daniel

Sorry this is not a comment related to the post.

I read your article on Code Project, SQL Do's and Don'ts. Great article.

I am a little puzzled on what you say about cursors. You say that one should never use cursors. I have a scenario where I need to process something on an insert trigger. Now, my problem is that one row or many rows in a batch can be inserted, but only one trigger event is raised. For example, I insert 5 rows in a batch query. Only one trigger event will be raised. What I have to do is define a cursor and loop through all the inserted rows in order to get the inserted data. Is there another way of doing this?
I'm using the Minefield release of Firfox (ver 3.0a).

I have been using firefox quite for a long time. Till today it's not cheated me. it's working fine(even the alpha release :))
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Hi, Daniel:
I read your article "Exception Handling Best Practices in .NET" on codeproject website. I have a question. Is there any way to clear or dispose or destroy an exception in .NET? thanks,
Oi Daniel,

Sou iniciante na área e estou com um pepino um pouco grande na mão, preciso utilizar uma API que está no kernel32.dll chamanda SetLocaleInfo, pois preciso alterar as opções regionais do windows, por exemplo trocar para Inglês (Estados Unidos), etc, e tenho que fazer isso via programação e o usuário irá escolhar a língua, e ele trocará na aba "Opções Regionais" e na aba "Avançados" do painel de controle>opções regionais e de idioma.
Espero que tenha entendido.
Poderia me ajudar?
Muito obrigado,
If you're a Mac software developer or a die-hard fan, you probably know that WWDC is Apple's World Wide Developer Conference. Apple hosts sessions to teach about development tools and related topics and they also give labs to sit and talk to the people that designed the Apple's systems.
Hi dear Daniel,I'm Shaghayegh from Iran.I was googling 4 improving performance in sql server queries as SPs ,...,when i found ur notes ,then i come here!
glad to visit ur blog buddy and i'll be glad if i can learn more :)
hi Daniel,
got ur blog add thru ur codeproject article which i found very informative.Am in a fix right now.I have vb6 as front end and sql server 2005 as back end.I have a form which search for a record and display it in a sstab display the record ok but the problem is when the user make changes and save, the application freeze.i have tried using isolation level uncommitted but with no is my code.its driving me crazy.please help,thanks in advance

Private Sub DataGrid1_Click()
selected_row = DataGrid1.Row
text1 = DataGrid1.Columns(0)
Adodc1.ConnectionString = MDI1.txtado
Adodc1.CommandType = adCmdText
Adodc1.RecordSource = "SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED select * from Employee where emp_code ='" & text1 & "'"
End Sub

Private Sub sav_Click()
MsgBox "Record Saved", vbInformation, "Record Save"
End Sub
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