Thursday, December 01, 2005

Firefox 1.5 does not install

Sigh... Does everybody has problems like me with software? I stumble across, say, 10 or 20 software bugs each day.
Now, it was the new Firefox installation. It simply didn't start. It fails silently, and so fast that it doesn't even appear on task manager.
Reinstalling the old Firefox 1.0.7 brought it back to life, but I wanted the new Firefox so badly (although I don't know why :) )
Finally, I found a good soul, James Ross, that managed to solve the problem:

To fix any build in this situation, do this:
1. Make sure you're logged in with full permissions on the install folder.
2. Delete all components\*.xpt files EXCEPT browser.xpt.
3. Delete compreg.dat.
4. Make sure .autoreg exists in the firefox.exe folder.
5. Start Firefox.

Now, the problem is relatively simple - the components directory has the
contents of a non-static Firefox build [1] in it. I don't know for sure if ever released such a build, but I'm willing to bet most other
builds are non-static (all builds were this by default until very recently).

Interestingly, though, all the XPTs are dated 9th Nov 2004, which *is* when
Firefox 1.0 was originally released.

So, I have a question for everyone with this problem: did you ever install a
version that was not an official release?

[1] In a static build, all the XPT files are bunched in to one (browser.xpt),
rather than having lots of little ones with different names.

Answering his question, I installed MOOX optimized builds in the past. It seems that MOOX managed to corrupt something.

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