Monday, June 27, 2005

Little known, powerful APIs

Today, I'm working with an Exchange Event Sink. This article is an invaluable source for starting things. It may not be complete, but I'd spend at least two weeks digging the Exchange SDK to accomplish the same thing.
What I'm trying to do is a better integration between Exchange and Microsoft CRM. If this works, I'll publish it as an article. Microsoft CRM 1.2 standard e-mail support sucks: it needs a GUID on the subject with every message, it has no way of importing messages, the Exchange router is rudimentary at best.
For me, an obvious way of integrating Microsoft CRM and Exchange would be: for every e-mail that comes to CRM accounts, lookup the CRM based on the e-mail address and associate it with the proper contact. Either I'll discover that this is a stupid way for some reason, or I'll come up with something better than Microsoft did. I rarely bet I can do anything better than MS, but this time I'm pretty sure of this...
And what does this have to do with "Little know, powerful APIs"? The lesson here is: never underestimate those lesser known APIs, like Exchange APIs. Some of these APIs are very powerful, and you can produce some powerful software. Since those APIs are known only by a few programmers, often you can produce softwares with very little competition, if any.

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