Friday, June 17, 2005

It's been a long time...

Since I last posted... But this blog is not abandoned, only neglected :)
The truth is that I assumed the responsibility for both the sales and technical departments, and I was really tied to lots of meetings and understanding how I could make things work better, specially with our sales staff. Selling, instead of purely programming, is a new thing for me, and it's being great to grasp some sales concepts and gaining experience in another area. I've been programming since I was 11, this means that I am programming for 23 years as of now. I never worked with anything else, and go to sell my own software is a great experience, as I hear a lot of good things from our customers.
But I still code a lot, and I'll update more this blog from now on…

I need your help can you please email me to as i want to do html table paging using c#
If you dislike that much why wont you just stick to your old language and leave vb lovers alone.
Why did u even switch to .net platform or is it because your java c c++ ; days are numbered?
Your c# is too /*case sensitive boring and abnormal */and you all should be lucky Microsoft let you in.
Yea gone are the days of those disgusting syntax when no one know which comment end what which only make us wonder
Welcome to the new world when we dont have to worry about those syntax and speed things up.
And No! am not converting my code to c# and we end get paid less at least we are less miserable.
Yea Right
Thnax for the Do's and Don't for SQL server
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