Monday, June 20, 2005

Firefighting training simulations for testing code

I was watching this documentary about a new super cool firefighting training simulator, which was affordable enough that even small companies could use and that was very effective in detecting failures in firefighting procedures. Those failures, on real world situations, could lead to disasters, causing injuries and even deaths.

So, an idea stroke me: what if we did the same thing in software world?

I'll explain: most decent software companies now have a well-defined software testing process. But how can we detect problems on those testing procedures?
Let's say we stopped a bit every now and then to make a bug detection simulation.

One or two programmers would be responsible for intentionally introducing bugs that could cause a disaster. Only those programmers would know which bugs were introduced. The idea is making things fun, like a game, where those programmers try to break the testing process and the testing staff try to find those bugs as quickly as possible.

A summary of the simulation would be:

After finding (or not) the bugs and finishing the simulation, a few things should be assessed:

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