Friday, September 03, 2004


Thanks to David Stone, I'm a proud GMail user. Since I run my own Exchange server, the 1GB is not my primary interest (although I have some friends that loved it!). Most of my interest on it is learning how to do a lightining-fast, cleanly designed, cross browser UI.
If you are interested in a Google mail account, Google gave me 12 invites, and I already spent 6 of them. If you want it, drop me a comment or an e-mail with your e-mail address (don't forget to obfuscate it, beware of spambots) an your name, and I'll invite you.
[Update: now only 3 to go...]

I pop in to read your blog every now and then. Found it via codeproject...

Since you were offering to invite ppl for gmail, I thought I would give it a try ;-)

My email is:

Keep it up...

-- Raj
Hi, Raj, thanks for reading my blog. Check your mail, the invite is there :)
Hi Daniel,

Like the last poster, I found your blog from your sig on cp. Like you, I havent been too excited about the gmail storage since I have my own server. But, I'd love to find out what all the hype is about. So, if you have any invites left I'd be gratefull.

my email is:

many thanks,
Chris Austin
Hi, Chris.
Again, check your e-mail, it should be there.. :)
Hi Daniel! I also found you via codeproject. I read the article about Converting VB.NET code to C# and I have a comment. Do you know the #develop - ? It promises to migrate VB.Net projects to C# (and vice versa) since the RCs and now they have a brand new release! I haven't tried yet... Now, please tell me the reason for which I'm trying to write in english if I'm also brazilian... :)

If you still have a Google invite I would like it... :)

My email is:

ps.: Soon the spambots will learn this trick...
Hi Daniel.
Once in a while, I read the postings in the lounge of cp and that's how I found this page. I'm a student from Germany and I would be glad if you have another Invintation for me. Thanks in advance!

I am interested in a Google mail account. Please invite
me. Here is my information:

Name: Chuanqi Chen
Hi Daniel

I found your blog through CodeProject.

Any Gmail invites left.

If so:

Name: Doug Conquergood
Email Doug at conquergood dot com
Daniel, first thanks for your code project work (I check your blog every now and again) - it has helped me and new associates immensely. You have a gmail left (I must be one of the few tech types that isnt in it).

Thanks for the consideration!
Chris Claeys
Hi Daniel

If you still have Gmail invites
I will be VERY gratefull.

my email is

Thanks in advance !
Robert Vukovic
Hi Daniel,

Can I trouble you for an invite for GMail?
Hi Daniel,

I jumped into your blog after reading your nicely articulated SQL tips post @ codeproject.

If you still have Gmail invites left can you punch me in?

My email address is removethisjunkincludeallunderscores_ezlux@yahoo.com__

Hi Daniel,

I came to your blogger after reading two SQL articles at the CodeProject.
Would you please invite me if you still have any GMail account?

My e-mail:

wow you must have a heart of gold, supplying all of codeproject with gmail accounts!

Well, it doesn't cost me a fortune, you know :)

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I wish you all the luck I can, keep the good work going!

Kind regards,

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