Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I installed XP SP2

So far, nothing broke. I had a pretty stable installation before this, and now, too. I've had two GPFs with zip folders (and didn't in XP SP1), but it seems to work. IE6 seems way better, but I really don't use it for navigation anymore, only for a bit of ASP.NET development (I only use Firefox for navigation, as I'm addicted to tabbed browsing, mouse gestures and adblock).
My software used some popups for drill-down in reports, and had those windows blocked. Exception lists are just two clicks aways, so, it won't be a problem.
The firewall asked me if RSS Bandit should be allowed to navigate, and while it seems to be the correct behavior, it didn't ask the same thing for AVG antivirus. Maybe it's something I didn't understand yet about it.

You should try Maxthon (http://www.maxthon.com). It's a tabbed browser for windows based in IE engine (with a reduced support of the gecho engine).
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