Friday, July 02, 2004

Marc did it again!

Marc Clifton, the article writing machine, and MyXaml author did it again! Worried about CodeProject's increasing noise level, he and Anders Molin branched another Windows development site, Speaking with some fellow programmers, some became worried about branching a site, which could split the development community. I don't think so: CodeProject was a branch from Codeguru, and look at the size it became, and CodeGuru still exists.
What I love about the way Marc and Anders are doing their site is: high quality articles, use of modern tools (as of today, DNN, DotNetNuke), and openness. Modern tools are a must, IMO, because they'll be able to concentrate on what the users want, not on how to do it. Can you really understand why Codeproject still runs in traditional ASP? And Chris still has performance and scalability problems, even on cluster!
Openness is also very powerful: instead of hiding your problems, tell them to the world, after all we are programmers, and maybe we can help! If not help, we can maybe learn, hehehe.
Quote of the day:
We both believe that there are no reasons for keeping a secret about what platform we use and what problems we have, so we will pretty much post all of it here ;)
- Anders

Good luck, guys!

Thanks for the nice words :)

- Anders
Thanks for the nice words :)

- Anders
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