Monday, July 26, 2004

FlexWiki installed

We are already using CVS, NAnt, NUnit and Bugzilla for quite a long time and we have a very good history with these tools. They're solid rock stable, useful, and some are even intuitive (e.g., Bugzilla). Bugzilla was a bit strange to setup, mainly because I do play a bit with Linux, but I'm by no means a Linux wizard.
People here liked Bugzilla so much that they started to create bugs in it just to document some internal knowledge and procedures (e.g., "how to setup a new build machine").
So I installed FlexWiki. It took me around 10 minutes to download and setup it.
We're still moving all the scattered documentation to the Wiki, but it seems great. FlexWiki have a few bugs, but at least until now, nothing seems so serious that makes it not be a great tool to use.

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