Saturday, June 05, 2004

My managed WinHTTP wrapper starts to work...

My WinHTTP wrapper is starting to work. I even made a nicer OOP model around WinHTTP, with a Session, a Connection, a Request, a Response (WinHTTP doesn't have a Response handle, everything belongs to the Request handle), and a ResponseStream that can be used to read the page.
The exceptions aren't still being able to get the proper Win32 messages, I can't understand why, as I'm using System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception and SetLastError = True on Interop.
Now, I just need to add support to HTTP status codes, headers and I'm done.
This really begs for an article, I wish I had a bit more free time (notice, it's Saturday and I'm working...)

Hello Daniel,

Have you published WinHTTP wrapper on CP ?

coudl you share a link please?
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