Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Free from the pad!

Oh, the joy!
Input and output devices should be where you spend most of your money when building a new computer: they increase productivity like anything else, and their value have a low depreciation through time.
At my office, I use two 17" monitors, a cool MS keyboard with lots of cool features. I also work on a big desk, with lots of space. But I never thought of upgrading my old, trusty Logitech mouse with a wheel: it worked, and I thought it was as good as an optical mouse, and it was only that cool red led light that attracted people. I couldn't be farther from the truth. Yesterday, I used one for a while on a coworker's machine, and when I got back to my old mouse, I couldn't like it anymore. Just the absence of the mouse pad and the freedom to move it on is worth the upgrade. Now, I bought this MS basic optical mouse: it is beautiful, cheap, and looks distinct, seems reliable and easy to install; I plugged right into one of the keyboard USB ports and it started working.

Run, my little mouse, run free from the pad!

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