Thursday, June 03, 2004

My first post!

On this blog, I intend to start sharing some knowledge and experiences on .NET development in general.
I'd like to introduce myself, if you still don't know me from The CodeProject. If this is the case, maybe you could be interested in some of my articles.
I'm the technical architect of Crivo. Crivo is an automated credit and risk assessment system, used by several large companies in Brazil. We combine some AI techniques (perceptrons and an expert rule inference engine) with a set of drivers which can obtain information in almost any information source. This set of drivers is one of our most powerful features, and we can deliver more than 27,000 variables coming from around 30 different sources to the assessment engine so it can take a decision.
It's a huge .Net based system (around 1.3MLOC as of date), comprised of around 180 projects. And it's growing fast, as we have a very productive team. As I blog, I'll talk more about how we develop software.

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